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Anger Management

Anger is a normal emotion that is necessary and positive at times to motivate us toward making change and help us recognize when our values are being violated . But when it is out of control, it can create problems at work, in relationships, and in your personal health and well-being.  

Through our work in anger management we help you to recognize and understand:

The benefits and purposes of anger: Anger can motivate us to make positive change, it can help us recognize the need for boundaries and personal limits.

Anger as a Secondary Emotion: Often anger is an emotion that covers up other more vulnerable emotions including sadness, fear, pain, and anxiety.

Events and Cues: You can learn to recognize events, behaviors, or situations that trigger your anger in order to avoid them or be prepared to handle them effectively

The Aggression Cycle: Anger is an emotion, but your body experiences a physiological process when you are triggered; understanding this process can help you to be mindful and interrupt the cycle before things get out of control.

Cognitive Restructuring: Anger is largley precipitated by our thoughts and by challenging distorted thought patterns we can avoid many issues caused by un-helpful anger.

Assertiveness and the Conflict Resolution Model: We all have to deal with difficult situations and difficult people and being able to calmly and assertively manage conflict is not only a helpful way to avoid destructive behaviors, but also an invaluable life skill.

Anger and the Family: In many cases anger that has become problematic has roots to older issues such as negative dynamics in the family of origin, past trauma, and other factors that we may not even think about regularly. Understanding these roots can help us to be more mindful and keep our brains in the present to more effectively manage our emotions and thoughts.

A note for individuals with court orders to seek anger management

Our Anger Management Sessions follow basic guidelines established by the DHS. While many courts require anger management workshops or classes, this requirement can usually be satisfied by working one on one with our counselors following this general curriculum. If you are unsure whether this would satisfy your requirements check with your probation officer, case manager, or legal consultant. We provide summary letters of treatment and/or records upon request and completion of the program with accounts paid in full.