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Meet our Brooklyn Park Office

Priscilla Wilson, MA, Therapist


I completed my Masters in Adlerian Therapy at Adler Graduate School and have worked for the past several years doing in-home therapy.  I tend to use a coaching style and can be very encouraging, but also straight forward when needed. I like to use humor, metaphors, and story telling to help you get through tough moments. Others would describe me as easy going, compassionate, and determined; I am determined to help each individual and family that I work with to reach their goals and find hope.

I specialize in Autism and love working with families affected by this diagnosis. I have worked extensively with autism related challenges and have a passion for educating and supporting families so they can not only survive, but thrive with this unique condition.  I  love working with families and marriages with a variety of issues and take a systemic approach to helping families improve their situation.

I have experience in helping clients deal with trauma and PTSD and would be happy to walk with you through the journey of healing from past pain and hang-ups. I also have a ministry degree and can provide pastoral counseling for those seeking more faith integration in their counseling.

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Adam Retterath, MA, Marriage & Family Counselor

I completed my Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at St Thomas university. I love working with families and couples on resolving their conflicts, improving communication, and restoring peace to the relationship. I am level I Gottman trained and find this approach very helpful for couples who find themselves struggling with resentment and having the same fight over and over again. (In Gottman language, we address these issues as "perpetual problems"). I'd love to be able to help your family negotiate these struggles and work together as team mates and partners again. 

I have also worked with anger and enjoy helping adults and teens to work on these issues. I help you to understand the roots of anger, recognize and respond healthfully to triggers, and to express your feelings in constructive ways. Anger doesn't have to be an enemy or destroy your relationships.

I also enjoy working with individuals struggling with a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, building self esteem and reaching their personal and family goals. I have extensive experience working with children with trauma and behavioral issues, but in those cases I particularly enjoy helping the entire family system to develop new strategies to not only cope and survive, but connect and thrive. I feel honored to be invited into your family to bring change, encouragement, and hope.

Bonnie Theis, MS, Counselor

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I completed my Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Minnesota State University- Mankato. I enjoy helping clients find their strengths and problem solve to succeed in their life goals. I love to use humor to help clients feel comfortable and enjoy the process. My approach is primarily CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) based and focuses on helping you make tweaks to unhealthy thought patterns, but it is tailored based on the specific needs of my clients.

I have worked with a wide array of age groups but my true passion is working  with adolescents and young adults. This specific time in clients’ lives can be difficult but I strive to help you find resources outside of counseling as well as being a resource for you in the office. My goal is to be a listening ear and make a difference by being an ally for you.  I genuinely care for my clients and add an aspect of fun to every relationship. 

KRISTA NEWMAN, MA, LPCC, therapist, & Clinical Supervisor


I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and have been active in the field of mental health and wellness since 2009. I have extensive training and passion in work with trauma including dealing with abuse, anxiety and PTSD, anger management, and relationships impacted by abusive partners. 

I have experience, in particular, working with clients who are in relationships with abusive partners such as those struggling with Borderline or Narcissistic Personality disorders; I love to help individuals find the strength to set limits and emotionally heal from some of the "invisible abuse" that occurs within these relationships.

I tailor my approach to best meet the needs and goals of the individual. The theoretical model I most utilize is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I am also certified in the highly effective treatment of Eye-Movement-Desensitization-Reprocessing (EMDR).

At this time I am only available for online sessions. If you have questions about how this works, check out our page on online counseling.

Cerise Lewis, MS, Marriage & Family Counselor

I understand the complexity of life’s challenges and enjoy working with married couples, children and families. I am passionate about strengthening families and building strong relationships, in particular with families in the African American, Latino and Asian communities.

My experience with this work began over twenty years ago, at a nondenominational church, counseling couples and their families through relationship and parenting challenges. My personal experience, in marriage and raising six children with my husband has equipped me with skills to empathize with others and integrate faith into practice, if desired. 

I ascribe to family systems approaches to counseling and welcome the opportunity to help you navigate and overcome challenges with marital infidelity, relationship boundary issues, parenting, children and teens, depression, anxiety, stress, and general relationship issues. 

Marie Merkl, MA, Therapist


I have worked for the past several years with a wide variety of clients, but have developed a passion for work with especially difficult and complex cases. I specialize in working with severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI), trauma & PTSD, addictions issues, and personality disorders.

I am a caring, compassionate, and fiesty therapist. I build a client-centered therapeutic relationship with each individual, family, or couple and use understanding and humor to help you reach your goals. I consider your comfort in the therapy process to be a priority. I pride myself on providing a safe environment in which you will be able to openly discuss any of your life challenges with no fear of judgement or shame.

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Lisa Mandell, Billing Assistant

I am the offsite billing assistant. I manage most of the contact with your insurance company to ensure that our therapists get paid and your insurance covers everything they are supposed to. I am a retired biologist and former business owner. In my free time I enjoy quilting, reading, doing bible studies, cooking new dishes, and playing with my adorable grandchildren.