Meet our Lonsdale Office


I have a heart for those who have been wounded by relationships and difficult life situations. My passion is to walk with people through their pain and help them find hope and freedom from their past. I graduated from Bethel University with a Masters in Counseling Psychology and completed additional Marriage and Family Therapy coursework through Adler Graduate School. My style is very practical and insight-oriented and I like helping individuals and families think about situations in new ways to get un-stuck. I am a real person in the counseling office and use humor to help you feel comfortable and enjoy the process. My Therapy puppy, Pip, attends some sessions with me for those who wish to incorporate Animal Assisted Therapy.

I enjoy working with a variety of clients and have extensive experience working with divorce family issues, kids and teens, ADHD, adjustment issues, depression, anxiety, people pleasing, and healthy boundary setting. I have a special interest in helping individuals who are in relationship with toxic people such as spouses or children of people with personality disorders.

I provide parent coaching and particularly ascribe to behavioral methods and the model developed in “Parenting with Love and Logic” as it teaches children to be responsible for their own behavior and empowers their parents as coaches and allies rather than adversaries. I am a certified Prepare/Enrich couple and group facilitator. I also have a special interest in healing the wounds of sexual addictions and have received training through the American Association of Christian Counselors. I love to meet the needs of the hurting and help them continue to grow into the people they were made to be. 

I am licensed and able to provide services and clinical supervision for residents of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

Lisa Malecha, MA, Child & Family Counselor

I have a special heart for children, teens, parents and families. In working with me, I hope you will feel heard and welcomed. I am calm and patient in my approach and I understand that most issues are complicated. I focus on the systems of people you engage in beyond the problems you’re experiencing today. I partner with you and your family to help you move toward insight, hope, and healing.

I have spent 20+ years serving students in the public school setting, primarily students with learning struggles, developmental delays and behavioral issues. I am experienced in creating plans for youth living with ASD, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Bullying…I am creative and interactive in my approach.

I love to scrapbook, and relax with our family cat and I love water – pools, rivers, lakes and the ocean. I believe floating in a pool is the best exercise ever! My husband and I have three boys. Our oldest, who we lost through a stillbirth, would be 20. We also have an 18 year old and a 17 year old who are swimmers!

I am a small town girl with a strong foundation in my Christian faith and I would feel honored to join you on your path to greater connection and personal wellness.

Erin headshot

Erin Urban, MA, Therapist

The center of my practice is focused on building empowerment, balance, self-esteem and self-awareness. I offer a warm and empathic environment for those facing difficult life transitions, relational challenges, past and present traumas, underlying issues of illness and stress, and any other issues preventing individuals from realizing the freedom and happiness of their true nature.

I integrate a mindfulness approach to help build awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and beliefs to develop insight and uncover new choices. I also incorporate additional therapeutic techniques to fit your individual needs, as well as temper the counseling process with creativity and humor, along with practical solutions and concrete goals.

I hold a Master’s degree in Counseling and Psychological Services from St. Mary’s University.  In addition, I enjoy building upon my education and skills through volunteerism and draw upon my personal development as a cancer survivor. I would be honored to walk with you through your life challenges and growth. 

Drew Stockman, MA, Counselor

Most of my journey has been about helping men overcome their addictions and their struggles with impurity. I love watching people find victory, and my passion is to walk that path with them. When you sit down to speak with me, I hope you find the peace, love, and encouragement you need to take the necessary steps towards the life of freedom God wants for you.

I want to create a safe environment for you to grow and share. My personality is calmer and more direct, so that is the approach you can expect me to have. My MA is in Christian Counseling from Crown College and most of my experience has been with teens and adults who are battling anxiety, depression, anger management, addictions, and trauma.

At home, I have a beautiful wife and three wonderful kids. Playing with my children is one of my favorite things in the world! I like to make up songs with them, take them outside to play, and read them bedtime stories. My wife and I love travelling, and also just staying at home and enjoying a jigsaw puzzle together. We love being used by God to bless others in our community, and have also definitely experienced the blessing of having a community who has stepped in to help us when we needed it. We all need help once in a while and I commend the bravery of my clients for recognizing that.

Jessi Reed, Marriage & Family Therapy Intern

Life throws a lot at us and it can sometimes feel overwhelming. We are all navigating family, friends, work, school, illness, and changes in life and that can be difficult. I have over 12 years of Human Services experience serving my community. As a mom, wife, and foster care advocate, I have a particular passion for working with children and families to help them feel encouraged and equipped. I am also a veteran and have a special interest and understanding in working with others who have served.

I am currently completing my Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and I love working with families, individuals, children, and adolescents on everything from treating depression, anxiety, to handling stress, managing relationship issues, and coping with daily life. I incorporate humor and encouragement and am here to help you with real life challenges, because I know life is messy! I bring a down-to-earth, authentic vibe to the counseling office and am happy to meet you exactly where you are at.


We at Threads of Hope Counseling care deeply for you, your families, and our community. As the concern regarding the spread of COVID-19 increases worldwide, Threads of Hope is prepared to reduce the spread of illness by following the expert guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the Minnesota Department of Health. MDH continues to stress common-sense illness prevention strategies such as sanitizing surfaces, covering your cough and sneezes, and frequent hand washing.

If you are experiencing signs and symptoms of a viral respiratory infection including fever, cough, and shortness of breath or if you or someone you have been in contact with traveled internationally in the last 14 days, please DO NOT come to our office. Instead we are happy to offer you telemedicine (online video) services.

Telemedicine appointments are HIPAA secure, do not require any downloads, and can be accessed on any device with microphone and internet access. Ask your provider or the administrative staff if this is a service you’d like to pursue.

Additionally, there is a lot of misinformation being spread regarding this virus which has inspired significant anxiety in many in the community. Look here for ideas on how to reduce your fear while remaining wise in facing the uncertainty of this disease.
We are here for you and there is always hope.