Men of Integrity Group

Have you been struggling with secrets that could destroy your relationships?
Have you broken the trust of your loved ones?
Do you have deep feelings of shame and guilt?

It can be intimidating to reach out and talk to others about this issue, but true healing only comes when we bring our dark secrets into the light. This Group is designed to help men walk together through the struggles of sexual addiction and find accountability, support, & healing from their past hang-ups.

If you are struggling or wonder if you might have a sexual or porn addiction, please contact us for a private assessment.

We schedule groups as we have enough interested participants, so if this group appeals to you please submit your information below. This form indicates your interest in being contacted about the group, but does not commit you to participation.

We will contact you as soon as we have enough clients to form the next group and at that time if you are still interested we will give you more details and complete a phone intake. Your answers to the following may not limit you from participation, we just need to make sure that all clients are a good fit for the type of group and topics being addressed.