Child & Adolescent Therapy

What is child/ adolescent therapy like?

Unlike adult talk-therapy, kids often do not have the verbal or processing skills to simply talk through their problems and make necessary changes in their behavior and thinking. Therapists usually use art and play therapy to help children process their feelings, learn to express them, and develop coping strategies. We do a lot of coloring, games, puzzles, imaginary play, and sensory activities targeted at the specific child behaviors or feelings being addressed. Sometimes we wonder who has more fun in these sessions: the kids or their therapists!

Child therapy can be a relatively slow process depending on the issue, but it moves much faster and change is better maintained when the family is actively involved to support the child’s progress. We encourage meetings with family members in order to teach parents’ skills and/or help you to respond in a way that fosters your child’s growth.

Adolescents relax as they get to know their therapist and realize that the therapist is there to support them and help them deal with life rather than to join the parents to gang up on them. With teens and tweens we may use therapeutic games, journaling, and art, with talk therapy depending on their openness and preferences. We work with the family to find solutions for everyone, but it is important for adolescents to feel validated and that their therapist is an advocate for them.

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