Church Sponsored Services

Offering Therapy to Your Church Members with Financial Sponsorship

Are you looking to offer mental health services to members of your church who are uninsured and in need of financial assistance? Are you seeking trustworthy care for your attendees who fall beyond the scope of pastoral care. (To learn more about when to refer, check out this free pastors’ resource). We have experience working with Churches who would like to sponsor services for specific members who need extra help.

We can develop the plan that works best for your church. Whether you choose to offer a certain number of sessions per member or would prefer to have your leadership team determine need for members on a case-by-case basis. 

You can control the cost you want to offer through this an arrangement with Threads of Hope. (Churches commonly offer between 5-8 sessions per individual/ family) We can work with your church members at the rate of $80/ session billed to your assigned administrator on a monthly basis.

We coordinate simply the payment side of care with your church leadership ensuring that your members feel comfortable about their privacy, but can still allow the church to help support their needs. All therapeutic records remain confidential and are maintained by Threads of Hope Counseling according to state and national legal requirements, so no added administrative burden should be expected for your church.

So why should you choose us?

Christian Counselors: Our Counselors are all Christians and able to offer Christian faith integration for clients who desire. We support our local churches and recognize the importance of values, client faith, and faith practices in daily life and increasing a sense of purpose. Several of our team members also have personal experience within missions and ministry. We know how important it is for pastors to have referrals they can trust.

Location: We offer services in multiple locations and via secure telehealth. Our current offices with referral availability include: Maple Grove, Eagan, and Woodbury. Based on licensure types within our team, we can offer services to residents of Minnesota, Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin. We have availability for scheduling usually within 1-2 weeks depending on the client’s preferences.

Our counselors: We have a team of Masters level clinicians with a wide variety of specialties and approaches. We have counselors with training and experience working with children, teens, families, couples, and adults. We also have counselors from a variety of racial backgrounds and have multiple languages available including Spanish, Amharic, and Arabic. We pride ourselves on finding the Right Fit for each client rather than just the next opening. This improves therapy outcomes and client satisfaction significantly.

Ongoing care: We accept most major insurance plans and offer client sliding scales ensuring that if your church member’s financial situation changes, they can easily continue their care with that counselor with a transition to their own payment arrangement.

Simple billing process: We can develop a referral process that makes the most sense for your church (ie: a care pastor referral form/ the care pastor makes the first contact/ etc.). Your church can simply initiate the sponsored referral and in most cases we can get your member started within a week. We offer monthly itemized billing keeping paperwork and payment processes simple for your church.

If you are interested in learning more about an agreement with Threads of Hope to offer services to your church body, please contact Jenny Beall via the form below or call our office at 651-560-0050.