Premarital Counseling & Prepare / Enrich

Completing Premarital Counseling can reduce your chance of divorce by 30%.

Many marriages fail in part because people enter into the marriage without clear expectations about what the relationship will look like and how the other person may feel or behave. Assumptions and unmet expectations are a real problem, but they don’t have to be. The prepare enrich assessment is a great tool because it identifies areas of strength or agreement in your relationship, but also highlights areas for growth where there is less agreement between you and your partner. Many times these areas of the relationship may not have been clearly discussed within the couple and simply talking about it can improve your success and make sure you are on the same page.

The assessment allows many couples to have conversations they may not have realized they need to have in order to manage or reduce potential future conflict and hurt feelings. Maybe you’ve talked about how many kids you want, but have you talked about your relationship with your in laws and who sets boundaries if one in law starts to push their expectations? Maybe you’ve recognized some less healthy ways of managing conflict, but have you understood how those patterns might be related to your family of origin and whether you might want to set new patterns in your relationship? Maybe you have talked about your career goals, but have you explored your beliefs about role distribution within your home, so resentment doesn’t creep up based on unfair assumptions?

In Minnesota Premarital Counseling qualifies you for a discount on your marriage license.

If you complete an assessment such as prepare enrich in addition to 13 hours of premarital counseling, you can get $75 off the cost of the marriage license. When you are planning for a wedding, we know every expense counts.

We spend too much energy preparing for the wedding, but not near enough preparing for marriage.

Marriage is hard and takes work, but the more intentional you are in the relationship, the healthier your relationship can be. Marriage can be a blessing and a joy, but that doesn’t happen on accident.

What if I’m already married?

Marriage is like a car, it will eventually break down if you don’t give it regular maintenance and fill your tank with gas. Prepare Enrich is a great tool for married couples as well because beliefs and feelings can change through the course of our relationships and it’s good to continually assess where you are at so you can negotiate changes as needed.

If you feel a little discouraged in your marriage (or very discouraged) and feel unsure of where to even start in couples counseling, this could be a great tool to provide some structure and help you prioritize the challenges that matter most to your and your relationship.

This all Sounds Great—What if I want to help Others in this too?

Jenny Beall also provides training for Prepare Enrich facilitators. If you want to help other couples prepare for healthy marriages, or improve the quality of their relationship, you might consider becoming trained. This training is available for Counseling professionals, Pastors and Ministry leaders, and Lay counselors. The next training offered by Threads of Hope is on 11/12/2020 being offered virtually. If you’d like to register, it can be done here.