Couples & Family Therapy

What to Expect from Couples & Family Counseling

Sometimes families and couples get lost in the chaos of life and need help reconnecting or managing stress better. Our counselors can help you increase intimacy and connect again. For couples, one program we offer is the Prepare/Enrich Couples Assessment. 

Additionally, sometimes couples face big relationship crises like infidelity, or even smaller issues that overtime create a buildup of resentments. Our counselors are experienced in helping couples who feel stuck to find their footing again and develop a plan to start moving forward together.

We also do a lot of work with kids, teens, and parenting issues; we have therapists who specifically ascribe to the model of Parenting with Love and Logic to help all family members take responsibility for their own behavior and find workable solutions. We love to come alongside families and help them to stop facing down each other and start facing life challenges together.

We work with families on your goals but always try to bring you together as a team. We will help all participants to be heard and develop common goals, because at the core no family wants to be at war.