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Weaving threads of hope through your life

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At Threads of Hope Counseling we know that life can be overwhelming and sometimes it can be difficult to find perspective. We'd love to join you in whatever challenge you are facing and help you find hope in your situation. We have a staff of well-trained and compassionate therapists who work with adults, couples, children, teens, and families. We offer individual therapy, family therapy, play therapy, art therapy, group therapy, and workshops. 
Our therapists are all Masters level Christian Counselors who enjoy integrating their faith to the extent that clients desire to do so. We strive to uphold the highest levels of integrity in the way we practice and do business. We believe respect and compassion are critical for our clients to have a healing, encouraging, and empowering experience with us.

Mission Statement

The mission of Threads of Hope is to show Christ’s love in action through offering Quality, Compassionate Christian Counseling to individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds who are hurting and desire to grow into their full potential.