Art Contests

Threads of Hope Merch Design Contest

See your art on our T-shirts!

Rules and Guidelines

  1. All designs must be original creations of the contestant, and incorporate all of the required design components outlined below and encompassing the Threads of Hope brand (i.e. colors, characters, logos). Submissions must not have been previously published and must not contain profanity, trademarks, other organization’s logos, or any copyrighted works of any other person or business.
  2. Only three design submissions per person are allowed. If you are under the age of 18, your design must be submitted by a parent or guardian on your behalf.
  3. Design(s) must be submitted in .png format, via email attachment to contest.toh@gmail.com by 11:59pm (CT) on August 25, 2023.
  4. Winning designer agrees to allow Threads of Hope Counseling the use of their design, free of charge, for any and all printing and promotional purposes.
  5. Designs may be modified by Threads of Hope staff to incorporate the logo, adjust for size, detail, etc. at the discretion of Threads of Hope.
  6. By submitting an entry, you are agreeing to all contest rules. If you have any questions, please call the office at 651-560-0050.

Required Design Components

The winning design will be placed on official Threads of Hope t-shirts, possibly on dye-cut stickers, on our website, and social media.

  1. Theme: Design theme must include “Threads of Hope Counseling” and/or the website “www.tohcounseling.com”
  2. Words: Your design may incorporate phrases. They should align with Threads of Hope’s brand (humor is good, but make sure it is not rude or easily construed as offensive.)
  3. Characters: You are encouraged to incorporate “Pip” the therapy puppy (Chihuahua). We would love to see creative images of him conducting therapy, or in other creative ways.

How Winner is Selected

  1. Entries will be evaluated by staff of Threads of Hope Counseling and will be reviewed for:
      • Concept and originality of design
      • Visibility from a reasonable distance
      • Adherence to design and submission rules and guidelines
      • Totality of design and production readiness
      • Fun/ humor and playfulness of the design
  2. Up to 3 winners will be selected. The top design winner will receive a $300 amazon gift card and a piece of Threads of Hope merchandise featuring their design. Winner(s) will also be recognized on social media unless anonymity is desired.
  3. Winner(s) will be notified by Threads of Hope Staff by September 15th, 2023.

Fine Print

Publicity and Agreement: Contest entry constitutes an agreement by the submitting designers to grant free license of all copyrights of the submitted works to Threads of Hope Counseling in perpetuity, for publicity and promotional purposes.

Media Release: By submitting artwork, you agree that if your design wins, Threads of Hope Counseling retains first printing rights and a free license, in perpetuity, to utilize the design on t-shirts and other promotional items, and marketing, fundraising, and public relations materials. You are guaranteeing that your design does not contain any copyrighted material, including images/copy found on the internet, unless clearly marked as published under a Creative Commons (cc) license. Contest entrants who are not selected as the winning designer(s) retain all rights to their artwork.