Online Counseling


We ARE accepting new clients, and you can schedule an appointment either by calling our office or by using our secure software. In these stressful times, we know it’s important to have people to talk to and we don’t believe in wait lists. We have appointments available within a few days or we will give you a referral to someone who does.


Make sure your audio and microphone on your computer or tablet is turned on. If you have headphones, those are ideal for better connection. You can also log in directly through your smart phone. There are no required downloads required and your therapist will connect with your shortly. If you need the link to connect with your therapist, please contact our office by phone at 651-560-0050.


Online counseling is a growing trend in the mental health field but there are a variety of services available. Maybe you have wondered about the effectiveness of online services compared to traditional office visits. Or maybe you have wondered if these services are hosted by trustworthy, trained professionals like you would most likely find in a clinic. These are good questions to ask.

Some of the online services available today, particularly those offered at no charge to the client are offered by untrained individuals or volunteers. While there is nothing wrong with people offering to help and listen, certain issues may be more serious and better handled by mental health professionals. Our services are offered by the same Masters level therapists who are available in our offices.

Some of the services out there today also offer a variety of listeners for you to choose from, but may not guarantee consistency in who you speak to. In a counseling practice you are assigned (or select) a counselor who will be with you on a consistent basis; this allows you to build a relationship with that person and develop greater trust. Trust is key when you are in counseling sharing your deepest hurts and struggles.

It is critical for a successful therapy experience that you feel comfortable enough with your therapist that you can be honest and vulnerable.  While there may be something to be said for the comfort level that can be developed with a face to face appointment; online sessions are a great option for their convenience and the increase in accessibility.


Maybe you are a busy professional and have a limited schedule with time only available on your lunch breaks.

Maybe you would have to drive long distances in order to find a counselor who is a good fit for you and your situation.

Maybe you are a stay at home mom dealing with postpartum depression and it is difficult to get out of your pajamas in a given day, much less get yourself and the baby out of the house and work around naptime.

Maybe you are struggling with significant anxiety or agoraphobia and it is scary to leave the house at all.

Maybe you have a teen with a packed school schedule and you’d like for them to have an outlet without adding to your chauffer schedule.

Many people enjoy developing a counseling relationship with our counselors online where all appointments are conducted by video so you see your counselor and they see you while you communicate. Sessions are conducted just like they would be in our offices.

Most insurance companies don’t cover phone communication, but will allow video sessions online as these are still considered “face-to-face”. We can bill your insurance for online services as long as your carrier is one of the local companies with whom we are in network. If you are not local or do not have insurance, we also have a self-pay sliding scale available based on income.

Confidentiality Note: For any information transmitted online, complete confidentiality cannot be guaranteed as most online sites (even emails) are not 100% secure from hackers or other internet threats, but we try to use well-trusted communication outlets to reduce these risks. We use doxy.me for online sessions which is a secure outlet that is approved by HIPAA (The governing law regarding client confidentiality).